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San Miguel de Allende


is located just a short 10 minute drive from the center of San Miguel de Allende in the tranquil residential community known as Villa de Los Frailes.


Weather in San Miguel

The near perfect (eternal springtime) weather is attributable to its altitude (6,300 feet above sea level) and southern latitude. 

“El Corazon de Mexico” as San Miguel is often referred to, is situated in the center of Mexico in the state of Guanajuato.


How to get to
San Miguel


  • Fly into León (BJX airport code) and take a 90 minute taxi or shuttle to San Miguel.
  • Equally convenient, fly into Queretaro (QRO airport code) and take a 60 minute taxi or shuttle to San Miguel.
  • A comfortable four hour bus ride from the Mexico City airport (MEX airport code).

Food & Gastronomy

If you are hoping to expand culinary tastes, San Miguel has great variety.  Eating well and discovering diverse cuisine is easily available.

World class restaurants serve an array of cuisines varying from traditional to modern Mexican, as well as French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese and Mediterranean.

Sign up for a cooking class at a number of culinary schools and learn recipes that will make your neighbors back home green with envy.


San Miguel is well known for the splendors of shopping!  Fine clothing and textiles, traditional Mexican shoes and boots, exquisitely crafted pottery from nearby Dolores Hidalgo, and world class fine art provide an array of incredible shopping experiences.  

Return to the U.S. or Canada with treasures from your travels, as artwork, fashion and home décor are abundant. 

Art & Entertainment

Considered one of today’s important “Art Centers” throughout the world, this uniquely colonial town contains an abundance of fine art galleries including painting, sculpture and mixed media. Also explore performance art offerings or attend a music concert (ranging from classical to Jazz). Charming folk art produced locally and in neighboring Mexican states and communities can be found around every corner.

 San Miguel’s reputation as an art haven dates back to the 16th Century when wealthy Spanish aristocracy funded the arts.  The tradition of patronage lives on.

Colonial Heritage

Sitting at the top of colonial gems that represent Mexico’s rich past, San Miguel de Allende is deserving of its place at the pinnacle and is recognized as a World Heritage site.

Whether you are visiting to bask in the sublime weather, play golf or partake of the extraordinary culinary options and world class shopping that the town offers, you will quickly realize you are not at the beach.  Instead, you are enjoying the depth of culture and history that is Mexico’s colonial heritage.  Moorish, Spanish, French, European and traditional Mexican culture are just around every corner of this colonial treasure.

Soak up the historical significance that the town played in the fight for independence against the Spanish in 1810 as you explore the beautiful cobblestoned streets and the spectacular colonial architecture… some dating to the 16th century.  Bring your walking shoes.

San Miguel is also host to numerous religious, secular and cultural festivals that are part of the daily fabric of life for residents.

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